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More than a ski vacation, Innsbruck is a cultural experience. Travelers looking for fantastic skiing and more will find Innsbruck the perfect choice. Innsbruck is the Tyrolean capital and is known for its architecture, sightseeing, cultural events, and convenient access to miles of exhilarating ski runs.

Having hosted the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976, Innsbruck knows quite a bit about winter sports. Skiers and snowboarders have access to over 500 kilometers (310 miles) of trails in 25 surrounding village resorts connected by a free ski bus. There are eight major ski areas that provide varied terrain for all levels of skiers.

Winter hiking offers a great way to experience the scenery surrounding Innsbruck. Hikers will find at least 96 kilometers (60 miles) of trails. There are many ice skating rinks, some of which are natural and others that are man-made. Another popular non-ski activity in Innsbruck and the surrounding villages is a horse-drawn sleigh ride, a romantic way to see the magnificent scenery of the area.

Over 800 years old, Innsbruck displays its historic treasures for all to see. A walk through its streets takes visitors by the famous Golden Roof, the Ambras Castle, imperial palaces, theaters, opera houses, museums, and much more. Combined with the spectacular natural beauty surrounding it, Innsbruck is hard to beat.


hike v. 远足

Golden Roof n. 黄金屋脊

rink n. 溜冰场

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